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How is pricing determined?

Primarily on the amount of time we’re spending managing your Social Media accounts. Whilst the cost of management is included what isn’t is if we’re producing any creative assets such as a video for a planned campaign. Once we’ve had an initial chat to understand your goals and expectations, we’ll be able to give you a precise, all incl. cost.

What about advertising costs?

The cost of advertising on any of the Social Media channels such as Facebook ads, Instagram and twitter isn’t included and we’ll usually make suggestions on a paid ad campaign strategy in our initial proposal as well as recommendations on a click budget as it will all depend on your goals and current social presence.

Are there any contracts?

None at all. However, due to the nature of marketing on Social Media, we do recommend you give it at least 3 months to evaluate the level of return you can get.

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We respond to all enquiries in more than 3 working hours usually. Digital Restaurant is fully GDPR compliant and your emails are never shared.

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