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Lead generation via the Social web

Campaigns focused on generating orders and bookings

At Digital Restaurant, we do a lot more than simply post content on your Social Media channels day after day. Using a combination of alerts, hashtags and 3rd party tools, we actively seek out opportunities to expand your brand presence proactively and in real time. Restaurant Social Media marketing campaigns is all about identifying hungry customers and leading them to your physical location or online portal. A huge follower or fan count won’t mean much at all if you’re not able to convert them into paying customers.
If someone is looking for a restaurant such as yours on Social Media, Digital Restaurant’s goal is to help them find you.

Food bloggers outreach and PR

Food bloggers outreach and PR

Social Media is all about connections and as a restaurateur, you have access to one of the most effective sources of PR in the form of food bloggers and micro-influencers. When it comes to Social Media for restaurants, an integral part of our strategy is creating and nurturing relationships with foodies and food bloggers who have the potential to make a huge impact on your restaurant’s brand image and sales.
Digital Restaurant proactively monitors and seeks out prominent bloggers and Social Media “food celebs” as in the long run, it is perhaps the most cost-effective form of marketing for a restaurant there is. What’s more, the inherent viral nature of Social means that you continue experiencing the benefits long after the campaign has finished.

Full-service Social Media management

Full-service Social Media management

From creating posting-calendar to the content and related assets such as images and video, Digital Restaurant takes care of it all.

That’s not too to say we won’t need your input from time to time but years of experience working with restaurants across London and beyond, has allowed us to create systems that allows our clients to provide us with the fuel we need to create meaningful content on their behalf in the easiest way possible.


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Restaurant Social Media Marketing Reports

Your advertising campaigns report includes the very same statistics that we look at ourselves. It’s much more than a roundup of the amount of posts we put out or the number of followers or fans we were able to gain for you.

Those are helpful, sure, but to get a clearer picture of the ROI of the campaign, we take Google Analytics into account, looking at metrics such as how many conversion actions took place as a result of the social activity – metrics such as a reservation, online order or an enquiry, to name a few.

We have a current Social Media marketing campaign for our restaurant running but not getting the desired ROI. What can Digital Restaurant do?

For existing campaigns that we're looking to take over potentially, one of the first things we do is to analyze the existing activity and provide an audit of where/how we could add additional value. On twitter, for example, we'd look at the content of your tweets, their relevance and more importantly, what level of engagement it is generating. We can then identify the areas of improvement and provide you with a bespoke proposal.

How can Social Media help our sales?

In more ways than one, actually.

For starters, Social Media is a valuable tools for restauranteurs as it helps them stay in touch with their previous customers. Like many businesses, restaurants thrive on customer loyalty and repeat visits and Social Media works very well here.

The major benefit of course is it's ability to bring you those diners who haven't eaten at your restaurant before and/or don't know your brand. The inherently viral nature of social channels such as Facebook and twitter allows your brand to be seen by friends and family of your customers. The more you engage with your customers the more likely it is that they will send referrals your way. In marketing speak, the Cost Per Acquisition of each lead from this target audience costs 80% less on average which means a higher profit per cover for you.

Which social channels do you recommend?

That likely depends on a number of factors, however, Facebook and twitter are effective platforms to begin with. If your cuisine is relatively unique or you regularly host events this also plays a part in which channels to go with. Instagram, for example, is more effective than twitter, if you want to make a visual impact with foodies by the way of your food images.

Can Social Media help our organic and local Search Engine rankings?

What we're talking about here is what Google calls Social Signals and Social Media can infact very much help with your organic rankings. Since 2013, Social Signals have been a part of Google's list of the factors it takes into account when it determines the rankings. The more likes and shares your website content gets, the better it is for your organic rankings.

Restaurant Social Media marketing made simple

No contracts

We don’t believe in tying down our clients with long term contracts. If you’re getting a positive Return on Investment, you’ll continue using us. Simple.

Lead-generation isn’t an afterthought

You don’t usually hear lead generation and Social Media in a single sentence but for any small business, it’s important to make this a part of the long term strategy

Content resources

We’ve got access to content writers, food photographers and designers for everything from websites to menus and assets for Social Media

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