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Client specific PR campaigns

If you're looking to generate offline buzz about your restaurant then PR is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to help you achieve this.

At Digital Restaurant, since 2011 we've been carrying out restaurant PR campaigns across London and all of UK helping our clients achieve a return of £1.8 for every £1 spent. Part of what has made it possible for us to deliver such ROI levels is the fact that every single campaign is carefully thought out and put together only having a crystal clear understanding of not just the target market and goals but as importantly, the level of return our clients expect or need.

It’s about customers not followers

The Who and What

Effective PR is not just about who you know but what you know too. Digital Restaurant's background expertise in marketing as well as product and software development means allows us to access a myriad of digital tools that have enabled us to deliver results in a much more effective way, both in terms of time and cost compared to other restaurant PR agencies in London and the UK.

PR tools such as Vocus and HARO combined with our industry and media contacts has consistently helped us deliver and exceed client expectations.

Website Design for restaurants made simple

No ongoing charges

We hate recurring charges as much as you do which is why there’s no ongoing charges once your new website is completed

Lead-generation isn’t an afterthought

Digital Restaurant websites are designed for restaurants which means adding online reservations or ordering is a breeze

Content resources

We’ve got access to content writers, food photographers and designers for everything from websites to menus and assets for everything we’ll need

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