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Food Pilot opens new avenues in order to increase your revenue and extend your footprint

Discover how Food Pilot will increase your revenue

  • One low monthly charge
  • No Commissions per order
  • Completely customisable interface
  • Easy and intuitive user user interface
  • Add another revenue stream for your business

A closer look at Food Pilot's features

Export your contact database
Export your contact database

One can generate a list of all the customers who have visited the restaurant since time began and their contact details. There is an option to sort, filter and export the data to use as a marketing tool.

Promotion Code Management
Promotion Code Management

Create Promotions and generate Promo codes which can be then emailed to all your customers

Easy User Interface
Easy User Interface

Food Pilot has an intuitive user interface which enables your guests to order food in just a few steps.

Order management
Order management

Get an instant notification of the order placed by the customers via email. Log in to the CMS and view all the orders. Change the order status and view the order details at the click of a button.

Guest History
Guest History

View all guest ordering history to find out your top customers. See customers who do not order frequently and incentivise them to use you again.

Order History
Order History

View all the orders the guest has ever placed for easy reference and convenience.

Customer Recognition
Customer Recognition

Food Pilot has a login facility for repeat customers. The system auto fills contact details and can even remember card details speeding up the ordering process considerably. Retrieving forgotten login password is easy.

Remember previous order
Remember previous order

Food Pilot has been programmed to remember your last order. This is especially convenient for customers who wish to reorder some of the dishes they had the previous time.

Take card payments
Take card payments

Link Food Pilot to an online payment gateway to take payments from customers from your website and eliminate any financial loss, as well as increase guest convenience and experience.

not just any cms

A smarter alternative

An online ordering system, whether that’s hosted on your website or if you’re using a third-party service like Just Eat or Deliveroo can be extremely beneficial to help your restaurant grow. However, if you’re currently relying on a third party to fulfil those orders, you’re giving away an awful lot away in commissions and charges, leaving very little margin for yourself.

Food Pilot is an ordering system that integrates with your own restaurant website and can fulfil both, delivery and takeaway orders. There’s no charge or commission per order which means significant cost savings if you’re a busy restaurant. What’s more, Food Pilot offers API integration with popular food courier services such as Quiqup, Jinn and Stuart so if you’re using one of these services, the order details and pickup instructions is sent automatically to them with no further admin required on your part.

not just any cms

Add a new revenue stream

Customers’ growing penchant for using online restaurant ordering systems for delivery and takeaways, spurred on by its accessibility in the digital age, has opened the door for a new revenue stream for restaurants. Your restaurant cannot afford to be left behind by this rapidly growing industry and making your website capable of accepting online orderings is extremely important.

Giving your customers a convenient way to place orders without requiring your involvement during the process allows you to save valuable man-hours which means there’s more time to prepare orders rather than taking them.

not just any cms

Built for user convenience

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to place orders via your website and Food Pilot has taken this into account during every turn of the systems’ design and development. Features such as ability to re-order, view order history and save delivery/personal information to name a few are just some of the reasons your customers will not just enjoy using your website to place orders but even prefer it to using the phone.

What’s more, Food Pilot lends itself to integration with almost all UK payment gateways including SagePay and WorldPay leaving the cumbersome task of taking payments to your website.

not just any cms

Feature packed system

Increase customer experience exponentially and access the marketing tools that enhance revenue, all with Food Pilot. This dynamic tool gives your restaurant access to countless custom options and valuable features, all designed to increase your restaurant’s ability to simultaneously function efficiently and delight customers.

Food Pilot’s back-end system enables restaurant users to add, delete, or edit menus, allocate different delivery charges based on post codes, maintain a user interface similar to that of the restaurant’s website, create multiple promotional codes and seamlessly send them to a customer database from within the system, provide a secure platform for online transactions, and much more.



No hassle setup

If you currently don’t have an online ordering system for your restaurant website, at the risk of sounding bias, we’re going to say that you’re leaving an awful lot on the table.
As a restaurateur, you’ll be all too familiar with the myriad of online ordering websites that have popped up over the last few years and are growing at breakneck speeds. Whilst those websites do serve a very useful function, if you’ve got your own delivery drivers, then there’s no reason for you to be paying hundreds of pounds in commission to third parties, money which you could reinvest in growing your own brand.
Why not take Food Pilot for a test drive and experience the benefits that giving your users the ability to order online via your website can bring?

Is there a charge per order I receive from the online ordering system?

Absolutely not. There are no ongoing charges and the only charge you pay is for the initial installation.

Will the ordering system work with my website?

In most cases yes. Digital Restaurant's online ordering module can be integrated with most website platforms such as WordPress, custom PHP, and Joomla to name a few. Since each installation is custom-made, even if your website is built on a technology not very common, chances are that Digital Restaurant can make it work.

What are the Content Management System (CMS) capabilities of the system?

Ah, we love to answer this one as we've especially worked hard here to make the CMS versatile and feature-rich. Any possible update you may wish to make to your menu, you'll find that the online ordering CMS makes it easy to do. Here's some of them:

  • Edit menu items and prices
  • Edit categories
  • Edit delivery charges
  • Advanced delivery charge manager – fix delivery charges based on customer's postcode or area
  • Define email addresses for notifications
  • Update template for customer email notifications

How easy is processing orders?

That's a fairly simple process. For each order placed, you'll receive an email notification with an acknowledgement going out to the customer. All orders are also stored in your dashboard and if you've opted for a payment gateway integration, then order status will also show the payment status (paid / pending / failed).

Tell me more about the payment gateway

Most clients who opt for the online ordering opt for the payment gateway option to make the order processing easier. However, if for any reason, you wish to not offer the online payment option, that can easily be done.

What about training? Is the system easy to manage?

The best way to answer that would be for you to take a trial but what we can tell you is the system is quite easy and intuitive to use. If you've worked with a Content Management System (CMS) of any sort or even an online accounting software, chances are you'll find the CMS quite easy to use. In any case, our technical support is free for the first month so we're here to help as much as you need.

Online Ordering system for your website made easy

No contracts

We don’t believe in tying down our clients with long term contracts. If you’re getting a positive Return on Investment, you’ll continue using us. Simple.

Don’t loose touch

Get your customers to come back before you lose touch via Intelligent Alerts

The full picture

From managing your orders to sending promotions Food Pilot offers a suite of tools to grow your restaurant

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