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Login to Restaurant Pilot to see how your reservation shows up as well as all other available features.
  • Customise

    From key reports to running promotions, from assigning tasks to your staff to getting reminders of important, you’ll find a whole host of useful tools and features
  • Get busy

    Digital Restaurant understands that your needs may be different to another restaurateur which is why we offer a range of customisation options such as the design, placement and functions
  • Intelligence

    What if you could be alerted when loyal customers have stopped visiting as frequently as they used to? That’s just one of the alerts that the inbuilt Intelligence Events engine provides
  • Convenience

    Get reminders for upcoming reservations. All incoming bookings are automatically added to the dashboard whilst also allowing you to take manual bookings over the phone or email

All of this from £45.00 per month. No contracts, no cover charge

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Offer the convenience of booking a table from your website

Table Pilot has been designed keeping in mind your customers and you. An easy booking interface synced with the website and a simple but powerful control system (Content Management System) for you to control.

Discover how Table Pilot will increase your bookings

  • An intuitive and quick booking interface for the customers.
  • Convert visitors to your website into diners
  • Do not pay any commission per cover
  • Close dates that are sold out.
  • Customers get automated confirmation emails
  • System generated reminder emails to customers for upcoming bookings

A closer look at Table Pilot's features

Pay no Commission
Pay no Commission

Most booking widgets though advertised as free actually charge you commission for every guest booked through your own website. Table Pilot gives you freedom from such unfair charges.

Block sold out dates
Block sold out dates

You can block dates that are already sold out making those dates not available on your website. See all the blocked dates in one window.

Restaurant Pilot
Restaurant Pilot

Check out our flagship product Restaurant Pilot for a complete Marketing Suite. (Pls hyperlink Restaurant Pilot to the RP page)

Easy User Interface
Easy User Interface

Table Pilot has an intuitive reservation interface enabling your customers to make a booking from your website with minimum fuss and time spent. Your guests can also edit or cancel bookings in just 2 simple steps.

Automated system generated confirmation emails
Automated system generated confirmation emails

Table Pilot sends out instant confirmation emails to your customers. Apart from booking details the content also includes directions, contact details and social media links. Table Pilot sends out automated reminder email to your customers 24 hours before booking date. This feature is to prevent 'No Shows'

Allow customers to book at their convenience
Allow customers to book at their convenience

Your customers can make bookings at any time including out of office hours. Receive instant notifications by email. Want real time bookings then check out Restaurant Pilot (Pls hyperlink Restaurant pilot to RP page)

No ongoing commission or charges

The only booking system you'll need

Table Pilot has been designed to help restaurants just like yours to reduce the amount of time you're spending taking down reservations and the unnecessary admin time that goes along with that. Think of it as a restaurant booking system that sits quietly on your website and takes care of every single task required to process each reservation that comes in.

You're giving your customers the ability not just to make online bookings but also to make changes to it should the need arise. A confirmation email is sent out instantly as well as a reminder email to help reduce no-shows and ultimately impact your bottom line in a positive way. As the restaurant owner, you've got a clear picture of your upcoming reservations and multiple ways in which to view them such as calendar or list. All your restaurant bookings that come in via your website is stored at the back-end which you can later use for your own marketing purposes.

Make your website Interactive

Make your website Interactive

The digital age has rendered phone bookings all but obsolete as restaurant customers increasingly prefer using online restaurant booking systems. Table Pilot offers your restaurant the opportunity to capitalize on this trend through the integration of a fully functional website restaurant reservation system, creating a smooth and reliable booking process both on your part and the part of your customers.

Integrating this into your website is as simple as pasting a few lines of code to bring the reservation system to life and you’re good to go.

No ongoing commission or charges

No pesky commissions to pay

Experience complete freedom from having to pay commissions per online restaurant booking you receive, which places simplicity and ease-of-use ahead of all else. Unlike most other restaurant booking systems out there, we don’t place a charge per booking that you receive from our system or a cap on the number of covers after which payment kicks in. Regardless of how many reservations your website visitors make via Table Pilot you only pay a single, low monthly fee.

What’s more, all the tools you’d need to manage your bookings, set reminders, calendar list of reservations and so on are all included. Why not take check out it and see for yourself?

Highly Customisable, Because everyone is different

Highly Customisable, Because everyone is different

No two restaurants are alike. Each individual restaurant has its own unique needs and requirements, and thus its operational software should be completely customized to its individual processes. Following extensive feedback from restaurant industry professionals, Table Pilot has been built to meet restaurants’ individual requirements.

Table Pilot is highly customizable, offering restaurants a world of possibilities to suit every individual desire. Through its innovative software you have the power to tailor everything from the colour scheme to the size of the widget to the maximum number of covers per booking – modifying everything to your unique criteria.



A cost-effective solution

We’ve designed Table Pilot to be one of the most effective online booking systems in the market, both in terms of cost as well as ease of use. All of the features you need to effectively manage your bookings, utilize your capacity in an efficient way and strike a balance between your online bookings vs foot-fall traffic is built in. Low cost doesn’t always mean having to compromise.

Are there any on-going charges or commission to pay?

Perhaps the most frequent question we're asked and the answer is no. What differentiates Digital Restaurant to OpenTable or ResDiary or most of the other restaurant booking systems out there is that we don't charge a commission per booking made through our engine. There's only a one-off cost and nothing more.

Can the online booking feature be added to an existing website?

It can indeed. The module is compatible with most existing website technologies and platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Custom PHP to name a few.

What changes if any will be required to my existing website?

That depends on the level of integration you'd like. So that your website visitors don't miss your newly added online booking facility, at the very least we recommend having a main menu item such as 'Order Online' such as the example shown below and Digital Restaurant would carry out this change as part of the installation.


The online bookingwidget itself will be fully customised in terms of it's design and feel and will very much look like a part of your current website.

How safe is my customer data? Where is it stored?

Digital Restaurant's online booking engine sits on your own hosting/server and integrates with your existing website. Therefore, once integration is complete and the system is up and running, all your customer and booking data is held by you and not accessible by Digital Restaurant.

Can the booking module be customised?

Yes it can. Digital Restaurant understands that different restaurants have different requirements when it comes to online bookings, whether the reservation is for lunch or dinner, the number of covers and so on. All of this can be accounted for and rules set so the reservation module functions in the way you require. For example, if you don't want to accept online booking for dinners during Friday and Saturday or bookings over 8 people need to be carried out over the phone, the system can be set as such.

What are the capabilities of the reservation system's Content Management System (CMS)?

There's not much you won't be able to change yourself using the Digital Restaurant's powerful CMS that drives the reservation module. Here's a few:

  • Block off dates or times or time periods from the online availability
  • Change the earliest and latest dates/times for lunch and/or dinner
  • View a calendar of all bookings
  • Disable online reservations with a single click, starting it back up is just as easy

Online bookings for your restaurant website made easy

No contracts

We don’t believe in tying down our clients with long term contracts. If you’re getting a positive Return on Investment, you’ll continue using us. Simple.

Keep your customers coming back

Much more than a booking system, you can use the data to send our email marketing campaigns and keep in touch with your customers

More user-power

Your diners can modify their bookings online and you’re notified instantly of any changes made

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Table Pilot increases table occupancy rates by 30%