Restaurants on Facebook

Restaurants on Facebook

There are certain types of businesses more suitable for advertising on Facebook than others and restaurants is one of them. Whether you’re a startup in the restaurant scene or been around for a while, Digital Restaurant can help drive interested diners from liking your page to placing their first order at your restaurant with the help of tailored Facebook marketing campaigns.

It’s about customers not followers

It’s about customers not followers

Having a large fan base on Facebook or followers on twitter is all well and good but it doesn’t mean much if a good number of those don’t turn into paying customers.
At Digital Restaurant, we look to integrate every part of the purchase life cycle into our marketing strategy to try and maximize the number of clicks your Facebook ads receive converting into actions with commercial significance, whether that’s an online order or reservation or simply an enquiry.

Hands-on management

Hands-on management

Facebook is no difference from other forms of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and if you don’t keep a regular check on campaign performance, it won’t take much to eat up your budget without getting a significant return on your investment. This is why, we actively manage all paid Facebook campaigns and provide detailed reports periodically not just on ad spend but Return on Investment also.


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Facebook advertising

Lets say you’re an Italian restaurant based in Chiswick, which one sounds better? Showing your ad to someone who loves Italian food and lives near your restaurant or simply to everyone who likes food, period.

One of the most effective marketing tools on Facebook is it’s ability to serve advertising to a highly customized and targeted audience group and Digital Restaurant can help create and manage targeted campaigns for your restaurant on a weekly basis.

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Social Media for restaurants made simple

No contracts

We don’t believe in tying down our clients with long term contracts. If you’re getting a positive Return on Investment, you’ll continue using us. Simple.

Lead-generation isn’t an afterthought

You don’t usually hear lead generation and Social Media in a single sentence but for any small business, it’s important to make this a part of the long term strategy

Content resources

We’ve got access to content writers, food photographers and designers for everything from websites to menus and assets for Social Media

Need diners fast? Facebook advertising is the way to go