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It’s far easier to sell to existing customers

It’s far easier to sell to existing customers

When was the last time you reached out to your existing diner base? If you’re not doing it every month at the very least, you’re leaving an awful lot on the table and risking loosing your place in your customers mind. Whilst this may sound like an exaggeration, the truth is, with the amount of noise and distraction on the web and around us, attention has become one of the most valuable commodities and unless you keep in touch with your previous customers, there’s a good chance they won’t return.
Getting diners to come back to visit doesn’t just have obvious benefits when it comes to your bottom line but as customers turn loyal they tend to bring more of their family and friends along which means a higher average order value.

Emails designed to generate a response

Emails designed to generate a response

At Digital Restaurant we’re obsessed with providing a measureable ROI to you and that includes our email marketing campaigns as well.
Every 3 months, we take a deep dive into your existing database looking for opportunities that it’s likely to result in an immediate, measureable return. For example, by isolating your customer group who haven’t visited the restaurant in over a certain period of time, we’re able to send out a targeted campaign to that segment enticing them to make a visit again.


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Restaurant email and newsletter marketing

If you don’t have an email marketing template set up already, Digital Restaurant will design and build you one to match the look and feel of your corporate branding and website. We have in-house resources for writing up the email copy as well so all we need is your approval to hit the send button!
Once it’s sent we usually wait for about 3 days to begin analyzing the data and provide you with the report.
Get started today and see your repeat visits level reach new heights.

Website Design for restaurants made simple

No ongoing charges

We hate recurring charges as much as you do which is why there’s no ongoing charges once your new website is completed

Lead-generation isn’t an afterthought

Digital Restaurant websites are designed for restaurants which means adding online reservations or ordering is a breeze

Content resources

We’ve got access to content writers, food photographers and designers for everything from websites to menus and assets for everything we’ll need

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