February 9, 2016

Fish and Chips, anyone?

There aren’t many in the UK who haven’t tried a serving of good ‘ol Fish and Chips and perhpas even fewer who don’t like it. The folks at Marriot put this hunger-creating Infographic together which we thought we’d share as well as give you some interesting facts about Britain’s second culinary love (after Indian food of course)….


  • It’s estimated that there are approx. 12k fish and chip shops across the UK
  • For those of you old enough to remember,  they were originally served in newspapers
  • The oldest (officially) chippie in the UK and perhpas the world is Rock & Sole Plaice. However, ‘The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World’ (yes, thats the name) in Leeds also claims to be the…well take a guess
  • A serving of chunky chips as opposed to your traditional thin chips is actually healthier as less oil is abosrbed within the chips

And to finish it off, here are some images of your favourite (not) celebs enjoying a serving of the beloved dish – Prince Charles, Kerry Katona, David Cameron and Hugh Jackman!