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It's all we do.

Helping make empty tables a thing of the past...

Whilst that may sound like a bold claim, that is precisely where our expertise lies and what we've been helping restaurants doing for over 8 years now.

And we'd love the chance to do the same for you.


Digital Restaurant: Your restaurant’s marketing partner

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Full service restaurant marketing

At Digital Restaurant, you will find a complete suite of restaurant marketing solutions to make your restaurant a success.

Whether it is to spread buzz around your restaurant after an extensive refurb, attracting and building a relationship with your local audience or setting up processes via marketing automation to increase your repeat business levels, we’ve got a solution for you.

From content to videos to promotion and PR, we’ve got all the resources in-house saving you the time and effort in dealing with multiple restaurant marketing agencies.


Tailored marketing solutions

No 2 businesses are the same and this is as true with restaurants as it may be with any other sector.

As a restaurant marketing agency with over 7 years of experience, we get that which is why before we start a marketing campaign, we take the time to understand how you wish to position your brand, what your objectives and expectations from the campaign and perhaps, most importantly, quantifying the desired outcome so we can evaluate the success (or lack thereof) of the campaign.


Marketing reports for measuring success

At Digital Restaurant, we’re driven by results and when you see the kind of KPIs and metrics we monitor and report on, we think you will agree.

For example, for Social Media campaigns we don’t just report on the activity (posts, tweets etc) but as importantly, how that may convert into more bookings by tracking visits from your social properties to your website and how many of those made a booking or placed an order.

Converting your online audience into bums on seats isn’t something we hope will happen. We tailor your entire marketing strategy towards this.



Over 30 years of combined experience

Over the last 8 years, Digital Restaurant has evolved into a technology and marketing company working primarily with restaurants and closely related businesses. Offering an end-to-end service for restaurants, whether you're looking to build brand presence, attract diners or convert web traffic into paying customers, Digital Restaurant can help you achieve your strategic goals every part of the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Restaurant’s origins are deep rooted not just in marketing but in technology too, having created online ordering and reservation systems which means we’re able to derive actionable insights from tech and data better than most other restaurant marketing services.

For example, by combining analytics from Facebook and Instagram Insights with Google Analytics we can draw actionable insights into how engaged your Social Media audience is and identify areas of improvement that is then fed into the strategy.

You’ll also find we have a laser-like focus on delivering results which is reflected in our reporting - head over to the reporting tab on our Social Media marketing page to learn more about this.

And, finally, unlike 99% of the other marketing agencies out there, Digital Restaurant doesn’t do contracts which means the only reason you will stick around is because we’re delivering measurable results.

If you’ve used other restaurant marketing agencies then this is perhaps where you will find us a class above the rest.

Digital Restaurant provides extremely detailed monthly reports taking into account not just the “passive” metrics such as amount of content or comments we’ve posted on your behalf but also more important metrics such as engagement, cost of generating each lead from our efforts and the ultimate Return on Investment.

Looking at data from your website’s Google Analytics account, we can get detailed insights into how our marketing efforts for your restaurant is translating into business.

There are a few Key Performance Indicators Digital Restaurant monitors and reports upon but the most important by far is how the marketing activities translate into actual.

Some of the ways we can monitor that for Social Media campaigns is by tracking what percentage of the targeted audience have placed an order or made a reservation and its total value compared to the ad spend and marketing costs.

Where Digital Restaurant is also running secondary channel marketing such as keeping your blog up-to-date with content or managing your email marketing campaigns, we also analyse what % of that audience group end up placing an order or making a reservation at some point in the future.
Which channels

Absolutely! As a specialist restaurant marketing agency, the majority of the restaurant marketing campaigns that Digital Restaurant carries out is to deliver either orders or reservations or both.

Our restaurant marketing packages start from £450 ex VAT and will depend on the scope of work carried out.

Please visit our restaurant marketing prices and packages page for more information.

None at all. All our restaurant marketing services come without any minimum long term commitments or tie ins. All we ask is that you give us 1 month’s notice should you wish to stop the service.

Digital Restaurant is a full service restaurant marketing agency and as such, we have quite a few different promotional packages that we can offer.

Which restaurant marketing service(s) we would recommend for your brand will depend on a number of factors such as your restaurant’s marketing objectives, requirements and of course your budget.

That will depend on the brief and your brand’s current visibility in the marketplace and of course how we define results.

For example, if you’re a new Italian restaurant in the City with lots of competition around, of course it will take longer to deliver results than if you’re a niche Ethiopian restaurant in a relatively quiet, perhaps residential neighborhood.

As a full service restaurant marketing agency, Digital Restaurant’s team can put together most of what we need to carry out your marketing campaigns.

Everything from putting the ad copies together to designing or touching up photos, writing PR releases and so on. For most London based restaurants we can also carry out regular site visits to take additional photos, carry out interviews with your team or brainstorming ideas for the next month.

It would help if you keep us up-to-date with any newsworthy events that may have taken place at your restaurant but its not mandatory.

So, simply put, if you need a restaurant marketing solution which will require minimal input from you, Digital Restaurant can arrange that.

No problem! That’s quite a common scenario with many of our clients and one of the benefits of working with a specialist restaurant marketing agency such as Digital Restaurant is that we can tailor each restaurant marketing service to suit individual restaurant brands.

Digital Restaurant even has brands who only need help with their promotion and advertising a few months of the year and we can accommodate those requirements too!

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